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THE EARLY YEARS                                                                          Back to top
As the Women’s Movement grew and flourished during the ‘70’s, the National YWCA charged its state affiliates with conducting a needs assessment of women and girls. The Council of Ohio YWCAs accepted that charge and worked to identify Ohio’s most pressing needs. Following a series of meetings attended by YWCA members and other activists from all over Ohio, it was decided to form an independent organization, known as Action-For Battered Women in Ohio Coalition.

Early activities included speaking engagements, media appearances, workshops and conferences about battered women. During those years members became involved with making legislative changes, at both the state and federal levels. New laws included Senate Bill 46, which allocated a portion of marriage license fees to shelters for operations, and House Bill 835, which enabled victims to apply for temporary protection orders.  In 1981 a State Project Office was opened at the Columbus YWCA, 65 South Fourth St. Mary Jo Ginty was named to the position of State Project Director.

In an effort to support local efforts Ohio was divided into districts and members gathered at the district level to discuss issues and share problem-solving ideas. In addition, there were statewide surveys to identify critical issues of a statewide nature. Members made site visits to shelters and provided technical assistance to ensure that victims throughout Ohio would receive quality services.

During the ‘80’s ACTION also began producing resources for victims and service providers. They include “Justice for Ohio’s Domestic Violence Victims: An Easy Guide to Using the Justice System” and “Volunteer Guide for Domestic Violence Shelters.”

In the ‘90’s the organization’s name was officially changed to ACTION OHIO Coalition For Battered Women. After several office moves, ACTION OHIO is now located at PO Box 423, Worthington OH 43085-0423.

OUR VISION                                                                                    Back to top
ACTION OHIO’s ultimate vision is the elimination of violence.

ACTION OHIO strives to help create a society where:

  •  Family violence is no longer acceptable and

  • All persons have equal access to power and resources.

OUR MISSION                                                                                 Back to top
ACTION OHIO’s mission is to promote quality programs, services, and resources to survivors of domestic violence. Our goal is to ensure equal rights and empowerment for all individuals as we work toward the eradication of family violence in our society.

STATEMENT OF PHILOSOPHY                                                        Back to top
We believe that:

  • All people have the right to live free from the fear of violence;
  • Each person has the right to and the responsibility of self-determination;
  • Family violence is a systemic, not an individual, problem;
  • Domestic violence is a crime and is not to be tolerated;
  • There is strength in diversity.

CORE SERVICES                                                                            Back to top
ACTION OHIO’s core services are resource/referral, technical assistance, professional education, public awareness, community outreach, and public policy leadership within the domestic violence community.

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